“Digital Confusion” rebuttal

Photo District News, the venerable photo trade magazine, published an article in the January issue titled “Digital Confusion” about apparent difficulty photographers are having deciding what to charge for post-processing their files before delivery to the client. (no link to the article; it’s not online)

The main idea was that there are a lot of different ways (and amounts) to charge for post-shoot digital services, and nobody seems to agree which is best.

Editorial photographer and workflow consultant Seth Resnick says that “photographers doing post-processing should not charge by the hour, but rather should document the numbers of layers or steps they used.” That sounds like the “baffle them with bullshit” technique to me.

According to the article, some photographers are hiding their (much higher for digital) overhead costs in a Digital Processing line item. That ain’t right.

National Geographic Traveler has instituted a $100 per diem allowance for digital processing. That seems pretty fair.

I thought the article was a bit of a tempest in a teapot, so I wrote a Letter to the Editor and they published it in the April issue. Please do comment. Read the letter

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High(er) res Video on YouTube (sometimes)

If you paste "&fmt=18" at the end of any YouTube URL (up in the address bar of your browser), it will force YouTube to load the hires version of the video (if there is one). I think it’s using the H.264 iPod-compatible version of the video.


Here is a lowres:


And here is a hires:


Makes YouTube almost watchable.

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It’s Crackerman!

click for video

I found this rattling around in the bottom of my old Mac. It’s an ancient project I did for a Celestial Seasonings sales meeting. It’s certainly not up to today’s standards, but it got ‘em giggling, and that was the point. (be careful, it’s kinda loud)

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Gorgeous Lens Flare

Just ran across this shot on Flickr. Lens flare is something most people avoid, but it can be a very interesting picture element on occasion.

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Beethoven’s 5th Argument

Sid Caesar and Nanette Fabray in a beautifully choreographed argument. It’s like a visual version of a Mike Nichols & Elaine May sketch.

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Rod Wynne-Powell Case Study: Using Smart Objects in Photoshop

Rod Wynne-Powell — Ex-photographer, now a retoucher and pre-release tester for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom; also co-author of the just-released ‘Mac OS X for Photographers‘ (Focal Press):

I had a long spell working with some photographers in southwest London on what turned out to be three jewellery (jewelry for US readers!) catalogues for Goldsmiths. I was mainly concerned with the watches, for which Smart Objects was absolutely the way to tackle the job. A page might consist of from three to eight different watches from the same stable. Each watch would have been photographed several times with differing lighting and/or exposure, but without moving the watch. more after the jump…

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Showbike at Sandia Vintage Motorcycle Races

Café RacerCafé Racer v2

Sandia, New Mexico.

Photo by me.

2 versions of the same shot.

It didn’t take much sweetening to make this bike look good.

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Is it a Font or a Typeface?

This ancient article (2002) at AIGA is still getting spirited comments, many of them more interesting than the article itself.

I tend to agree with k. pennino, who says:

“font – a set of characters of the same size and style containing all the letters, numbers, and marks needed for typesetting. (gosh, this would explain why we call the software we install on our computers ‘fonts’ eh?)

typeface – the DESIGN of alphabetical and numerical characters unified by consistent visual properties.”

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Adobe Lightroom 2 Beta Released

Lightroom is starting to look a lot like my old friend Live Picture! Best $4k I ever spent. More on LP here. Too bad HSC dropped the ball…

Ian Lyons has a detailed rundown of the Lightroom Public Beta here.

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How to Buy Photography

Leslie Burns-Dell’Acqua, guest writer at NoSpec! gets all tuned up about the proper way to approach the whole process of “buying” (or licensing) photography. A must-read for new designers and art directors and anyone who is thinking of hiring a photographer.

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