Trapped in an Elevator

Check out this video of a man trapped in an elevator for 41 hours, and then go read this article at the New Yorker. All sorts nifty elevator facts and the story of what happened to the man in question. Fascinating stuff.

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Online Backup Options 1: Mozy Fails the Test

I canceled because the Mozy servers were not available for many hours on 05-04-08, and that is not an acceptable situation. No warning, no press release, no explanation. Website down and service entirely unavailable. Amazon S3 and JungleDisk don’t go down. Not ever. If I can’t trust Mozy, I won’t use Mozy.

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Animated Grafitti

In-situ animation. Quite amazing.

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‘Real Beauty’ Pix Rumor Stopper

The rumor mill is gearing up to grind out all sorts of nasty stories about Unilever and the Dove ‘Real Beauty’ campaign. Retoucher Pascal Dangin’s comments were placed in the wrong context on the New Yorker website, and a bunch of people are jumping up and down claiming that the photos were retouched. (The New Yorker profile, by the way, is quite amusing. The writer, Lauren Collins, seems inexperienced, in love with Dangin, and gullible. “He has been known to work for days tinting a field of grass what he considers the most expressive shade of green.” Puh-leeze!

The real story, parts one and two, is available on the AdAge website.

Why do so many assume that the bad or unpleasant is the truth?

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Photoshop Disasters

I don’t even know where to begin. Just go and look. Oy.

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Killer Clouds

The sky over our house was quite dramatic yesterday.
Click for a bigger version.

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