Grand Theft Lego, Part 1 Behind the Scenes

HDR is all too often over-the-top, sort of illustrated looking. I’ve done it myself—there’s a strange pull to see how Three-Dee you can get those clouds to look. But it can also be more subtle, and that’s what we are shooting for in the Legos Gone Bad series. (Yes, there are more to come)

Partner in crime David Pahl shot twelve exposures of each element, and I merged three to five of each together so that I had complete control over the amount of light falling on every part of the shot.









A little dodging, a lot of burning, some serious pounding on the color, and we got this:









(click images for bigger versions)

Thanks to Jay Roth, James Pelz and Tom Pounders for all the help and ideas.

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asw_dsc7203_origDavid Pahl and I worked on a Valentines Day Project for Pure—Check his site for details and the “After” version. It was great working with someone who so thoroughly understands what I need in order to make the post-work perfect. P.S. Props to Pure for getting the advertising mentioned in the news on all three networks, all the local papers as well as the WSJ and NYT. Amazing bit of PR, that.

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Blogs are Yucky

“I hate blogs. I even hate the word blog. It’s ugly in print and it’s ugly rolling off the tongue. And, as a class, the content in them is just as bad. Simplistic, repetitive, puerile, self-indulgent twaddle that nine times out of 10 I’m almost embarrassed to look at (and I avoid looking as much as possible). A serious waste of bandwidth and a club with which I do not wish to be associated, thank you very much.”  —Ctein in the comments at

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Sex, Lies and Photoshop

Interesting post over on theonlinephotographer about retouching and responsibility. I like Katrin Eismann’s solution to the problem (read the comments). What is your take on this issue?

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