Traumatic Brain Injuries in the Asterix Comics

Research science nerds with a sense of humor.

There’s one for the Ignoble Awards!

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Back in the Day

Too bad they used such a cheeseball composite to illustrate this story:

Sitex Computers: the Photoshop of the 80′s

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Serious Retouching & Color Gets a New Look

Got the new retouching site up and running, thanks to Hank Pantier and a lot of coffee.

Drop me a line and tell me what you think.

(And tell your friends to check it out!)

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The Independent has a sort-of interesting article about PR firms altering Wikipedia entries. Does that surprise anyone?

Almost all of what we “know” in daily life is a consensus agreement between gatekeepers of one sort or another. I don’t necessarily have a problem with that. Much as I’d like to, I am not able to empirically verify all of the information I┬ádepend upon; I don’t have the math chops for physics or the memory for biology, so I rely on trusted sources to tell me the truth. If I doubt the information they’re giving me, I can dig in and research/test that information. Same with Wikipedia. Trust, but verify and don’t believe everything you think and be open to the possibility that your sources are wrong.

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