Making Models Fatter in Photoshop

“The editor of Vogue has accused some of the world’s leading catwalk designers of pushing ever thinner models into fashion magazines despite widespread public concern over “size-zero” models and rising teenage anorexia.”

Go read the rest.

As long as the pendulum swings, I’ll have work.

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The Vendor-Client Relationship

If only this weren’t so accurate.

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asw_dsc7203_origDavid Pahl and I worked on a Valentines Day Project for Pure—Check his site for details and the “After” version. It was great working with someone who so thoroughly understands what I need in order to make the post-work perfect. P.S. Props to Pure for getting the advertising mentioned in the news on all three networks, all the local papers as well as the WSJ and NYT. Amazing bit of PR, that.

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Sex, Lies and Photoshop

Interesting post over on theonlinephotographer about retouching and responsibility. I like Katrin Eismann’s solution to the problem (read the comments). What is your take on this issue?

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Playing with Cards

A nifty animation from Adobe. Haven’t done my homework, so I don’t know who did it.

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Hey, my favorite agency client just got himself a British accent!

You know who you are.

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Lazy Linkage

Too much work to do today to hang around here posting, so you get the raw linky goodness:

The Dieline: package design watch

Lovely Package: nice packages

The Grid System: how why & when

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Bruce Lee Plays Ping Pong

More than a little bit cool. I haven’t been able to find out if this is VFX or real. I know it isn’t really Bruce. Anyone know the answer?

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‘Real Beauty’ Pix Rumor Stopper

The rumor mill is gearing up to grind out all sorts of nasty stories about Unilever and the Dove ‘Real Beauty’ campaign. Retoucher Pascal Dangin’s comments were placed in the wrong context on the New Yorker website, and a bunch of people are jumping up and down claiming that the photos were retouched. (The New Yorker profile, by the way, is quite amusing. The writer, Lauren Collins, seems inexperienced, in love with Dangin, and gullible. “He has been known to work for days tinting a field of grass what he considers the most expressive shade of green.” Puh-leeze!

The real story, parts one and two, is available on the AdAge website.

Why do so many assume that the bad or unpleasant is the truth?

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Photoshop Disasters

I don’t even know where to begin. Just go and look. Oy.

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