Traumatic Brain Injuries in the Asterix Comics

Research science nerds with a sense of humor.

There’s one for the Ignoble Awards!

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Do a loam from childlike stoolie.

Somebody is using an autotranslater to hilarious effect in this Photoshop resumé (tutorial?).

A few gems:

“… i inject some changes in Hue and Saturation value and sharpness of whimsy to display sediment.”

“Well, here are some instructions on how to grind your whimsy.”

“If you name one’s fiddle with on exaggerated sharpening then diet the impermeability of this layer.”

The whole thing wraps up with this common Photoshop technique:

“To smarmy in default the effect, apart out to Filter – Noise – Median and into a value of 3.”

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The Vendor-Client Relationship

If only this weren’t so accurate.

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Go Fry Yourself

30 ways to short yourself out. In case you were looking for an exciting way to spend your weekend. (I’m partial to the Shower With Your Cow method, myself.)

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Blogs are Yucky

“I hate blogs. I even hate the word blog. It’s ugly in print and it’s ugly rolling off the tongue. And, as a class, the content in them is just as bad. Simplistic, repetitive, puerile, self-indulgent twaddle that nine times out of 10 I’m almost embarrassed to look at (and I avoid looking as much as possible). A serious waste of bandwidth and a club with which I do not wish to be associated, thank you very much.”  —Ctein in the comments at

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Verizon Math

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Hey, my favorite agency client just got himself a British accent!

You know who you are.

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Darth Vader Subversity

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Social Networking Wars

I was talking to a friend of mine last night about the pros and cons of social network sites and then ran across this little gem this morning. I’m thinking I don’t need another must-maintain area of my life.

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And I Thought My Job was Glamorous

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