Back in the Day

Too bad they used such a cheeseball composite to illustrate this story:

Sitex Computers: the Photoshop of the 80′s

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There’s a lot going on here

What a wonderful shot! So much to look at. Every single person is reacting to the same thing.

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Retouching is the Right Thing to Do

Interesting take on the ethics of retouching.

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iPhone Camera Control. Sweet.

Great googley-moogley! This is the niftiest thing I’ve seen all week. Canon-only so far.

From the site:

DSLR Camera Remote is the next-generation cable release for your Canon EOS DSLR camera. Just connect your camera to a WiFi enabled computer and the DSLR Camera Remote software enables you to use your Apple iPhone or iPod touch to wirelessly adjust cameras settings, fire the shutter, review images, even get a live viewfinder preview. DSLR Camera Remote is a must-have for remote shooting applications like high or low angles, self portraits and children. With its advanced timers it makes remote monitoring a snap. No internet connection required!

UPDATE: Now works with Nikon and the iPad!

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I’ve started a photo-blog

Started a new photo blog as a place to display things I’ve shot. Let me know what you think of  the design (and the pictures).

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Grand Theft Lego, Part 1 Behind the Scenes

HDR is all too often over-the-top, sort of illustrated looking. I’ve done it myself—there’s a strange pull to see how Three-Dee you can get those clouds to look. But it can also be more subtle, and that’s what we are shooting for in the Legos Gone Bad series. (Yes, there are more to come)

Partner in crime David Pahl shot twelve exposures of each element, and I merged three to five of each together so that I had complete control over the amount of light falling on every part of the shot.









A little dodging, a lot of burning, some serious pounding on the color, and we got this:









(click images for bigger versions)

Thanks to Jay Roth, James Pelz and Tom Pounders for all the help and ideas.

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Bill Durgin Figure Studies

Headless figures are surprisingly non-erotic. Very interesting, though.


Also look at his other stuff, especially “addresses“. Strong stuff. He’s very good at forcing you to imagine the rest of the story. Spend some time with this stuff, it’s well worth it. Note: A more comprehensive post about Durgin’s art is in the works. Watch this space.

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Interesting Color Work

Dina Goldstein. Looks like she has a thing for 1965. It’s a good thing!

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It’s the Coolest Thing Ever!*

See the HD version at Vimeo

* According to my pal Jeff Curry

The Matchbox® toy look of these trucks and the simplified colors had me gawping and I kept wondering how they managed to get so much detail into the tiny set, even as I fully understood that this was a fake miniature.

If my Canon 5d MkII ever arrives (I ordered it three months ago), I’m going to have to try shooting some tilt-shift footage, perhaps at an SCCA race, perhaps at a horse show…

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Skate Rats

“Less than 500 people live in the town of Rutland, OH, but hundreds more migrate in and out of its borders every year to visit one 88-acre farm called Skatopia. Aside from being one of the most well known backyard skate parks in the world, Skatopia is a somewhat warped version of J.M. Barrie’s Neverland, with people of all ages coming to “experience” the fringe culture that has developed there, fueled by binge drinking, light drug use, casual sex, and rampant destruction of cars or property of any kind. Although “88 acres of anarchy” is the skate park slogan, it functions more like a cooperative dictatorship, according to farm owner, Brewce Martin. The gates are open all of the time as people generally filter in and out at their own will. Some camp out for a weekend, others build cabins from scraps and stay for a year; just about everyone raises hell.”

Excellent documentary photography by Travis Dove.

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