Color Management Primer

Color Management Specialist/Workflow Consultant and all-around nice guy Jay Kinghorn is writing a series of primer articles on Color Management that everyone should read. The first two articles are here. Jay can be found here. Update: The third in the series is here.

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Online Backup Options 1: Mozy Fails the Test

I canceled because the Mozy servers were not available for many hours on 05-04-08, and that is not an acceptable situation. No warning, no press release, no explanation. Website down and service entirely unavailable. Amazon S3 and JungleDisk don’t go down. Not ever. If I can’t trust Mozy, I won’t use Mozy.

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Photoshop Tune-up

Buncha great information here about optimizing both Photoshop and your workstation. Thanks, Mr. Nack!

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