Photoshop Disasters

I don’t even know where to begin. Just go and look. Oy.

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Photoshop Tune-up

Buncha great information here about optimizing both Photoshop and your workstation. Thanks, Mr. Nack!

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New Sharpening Technique

Multiple varying-radius applications of High Pass on separate duplicated background layers is yielding some interesting results. Linear Light is the blend mode. (click images for larger versions) [photo: Phillip McInturff]

Base imageSharpened

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Eighth Page, Quarter Page, Half Page, Spread

“Liquid Resize is a “content aware” image resizing application for Mac OS X and Windows. Liquid Resize is now available for download as a Product Preview from onOne Software. Liquid Resize will allow you to resize an image without traditional geometric limitations while minimizing any distortion that would typically result from changing the original aspect ratio of an image.”
OnOne Software

It’s only a Product Preview (I think that means Beta), but this is pretty nifty tech. It was only a few months ago that I first saw this idea online.

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A Point on Sharpening

Many photographers are dismayed at the apparent softness in their digital captures. Not surprising: they’re used to seeing nice sharp chromes. Most digital SLRs have an antialiasing filter in front of the sensor, and this introduces a slight softness. The filter is there to reduce moiré caused by aliasing: camera sensors are a grid of light receptors and that grid is very much like shooting through a screen door. Any high-frequency pattern in your subject can cause interference resulting in moiré. more after the jump

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Rod Wynne-Powell Case Study: Using Smart Objects in Photoshop

Rod Wynne-Powell — Ex-photographer, now a retoucher and pre-release tester for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom; also co-author of the just-released ‘Mac OS X for Photographers‘ (Focal Press):

I had a long spell working with some photographers in southwest London on what turned out to be three jewellery (jewelry for US readers!) catalogues for Goldsmiths. I was mainly concerned with the watches, for which Smart Objects was absolutely the way to tackle the job. A page might consist of from three to eight different watches from the same stable. Each watch would have been photographed several times with differing lighting and/or exposure, but without moving the watch. more after the jump…

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