The Best Photoshop and Lightroom Tutorials Available

Are made by George Jardine.

I use Photoshop and Lightroom every day. I know the “how” of color correction and retouching with those tools. What remains to be learned is the interesting part, the part that I get from watching good thinkers attack problems— their “why”, their approach and perspective. It’s different from mine, and it gets me thinking in ways I haven’t before. His videos are perfect for that.

He’s thoughtful and precise; not all jokey and digressive. He has a good, subtle voice, and sounds like someone with whom you could have a really great conversation.

Here’s a good free one  on B&W conversions to get you introduced to the man’s excellent style.


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Killer Clouds

The sky over our house was quite dramatic yesterday.
Click for a bigger version.

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Showbike at Sandia Vintage Motorcycle Races

Café RacerCafé Racer v2

Sandia, New Mexico.

Photo by me.

2 versions of the same shot.

It didn’t take much sweetening to make this bike look good.

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Adobe Lightroom 2 Beta Released

Lightroom is starting to look a lot like my old friend Live Picture! Best $4k I ever spent. More on LP here. Too bad HSC dropped the ball…

Ian Lyons has a detailed rundown of the Lightroom Public Beta here.

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