Rod Wynne-Powell Case Study: Using Smart Objects in Photoshop

Rod Wynne-Powell — Ex-photographer, now a retoucher and pre-release tester for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom; also co-author of the just-released ‘Mac OS X for Photographers‘ (Focal Press):

I had a long spell working with some photographers in southwest London on what turned out to be three jewellery (jewelry for US readers!) catalogues for Goldsmiths. I was mainly concerned with the watches, for which Smart Objects was absolutely the way to tackle the job. A page might consist of from three to eight different watches from the same stable. Each watch would have been photographed several times with differing lighting and/or exposure, but without moving the watch. more after the jump…

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Showbike at Sandia Vintage Motorcycle Races

Café RacerCafé Racer v2

Sandia, New Mexico.

Photo by me.

2 versions of the same shot.

It didn’t take much sweetening to make this bike look good.

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Adobe Lightroom 2 Beta Released

Lightroom is starting to look a lot like my old friend Live Picture! Best $4k I ever spent. More on LP here. Too bad HSC dropped the ball…

Ian Lyons has a detailed rundown of the Lightroom Public Beta here.

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